Amazing Small Breed Dogs Perfect For Any Home

Dogs come in all sizes, today we're sharing with you some of the best companions that are ready to become your best friends in seconds, a group of a whole lot of dog in tiny packages. 

These are the breeds that can be good for those in apartment living, those looking for tiny hunters, or those that just want a best friend in a small package, Enjoy!


PugClose up face of Cute pug puppy dog sleeping Teerachat Aebwanawong

It isn't hard to tell when a pug is a pug; this infamous face has stolen the hearts of many. This dog is a friendly and gentle breed, which allows them to be good companions for almost anyone. They are a bit mischievous, which allows for their silliness to have an outlet, but their activity level is low, so a walk or two a day would be acceptable for them.

Although their fur is short, Pugs are double coated dogs meaning that they can shed like crazy, especially in the summer months. It's also important to take note of their wrinkles, if not dried properly the folds can be an easy place for bacteria and infections to grow.
Pug's don't bark often, they may bark when necessary.

The height for an average Pug is around 10-13 inches, while their weight is typically around 14-18 pounds.

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