Animals Who Blend In Perfectly With Their Camouflage

In this dangerous world, don't we all wish we had the power of invisibility? Well, these animals may not be invisible in an entirety, but their powers of camouflage are a close second.

Here is a list of animals who take advantage of their given colors to shock and surprise all who happens to unknowingly stumble across them. Please, take a look, and enjoy:

Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko:

Satanic leaf-tailedPicture borrowed from

If you're ever trecking through a forest in Madagascar on a fall day, be careful where you step. Lurking beneath all the dead leaves could be a leaf-tailed gecko. They get their names specifically for the reason that their tails are a legitimate representation of the perfect fall leaf. Their backs fit in just as well with a strong line going down its spine that almost makes it look like a leaf that has just been stretched out.

When looked at from above, the gecko even looks almost like an origami figure.

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