Are You a Dog Or a Cat Person? (And How You Can Decide)

One of the toughest things about getting a pet is deciding on which one to get. Not only will you want to figure just what pet you will want to get, but there are also are so many species of pets out there it can get a little overwhelming. However, if you are wanting to go the more simple route by getting either a cat or dog; this may only lead to more confusion.

Should you get a cat or a dog? Some may already know this answer; it may be easy to look within yourself and say "I'm a dog person," or "I'm a cat person," however, are you sure this is entirely true?

For those who have no clue what you could be, but still need a bit of a step forward into thinking about what species of pet to get, take a look at this post and decide for yourself! Enjoy:

Coming Home:

Coming Home

After coming home from work or school can be a thrilling yet very tiring experience. When you get home are you the type to immediately begin working on something else, such as classwork, cleaning, or even getting ahead on a project for your job? Or would you much rather take an hour or two to relax, take a nap, watch T.V., or even play a game?

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