Celebrities and Their Spirit Animals

It is said that we all have a spirit animal or an animal that guides us through difficult times. This does not have to be an animal that is physically present, but just one that represents itself spiritually. So We decided to put together an match up a few celebrities with their spirit animals.

Our study was basically based on how much the celebrity looked like the animal, but there are other reasons why as well.

Dog The Bounty Hunter and Long Haired Rabbit:

Not only does Dog look like this rabbit but rabbits are fast and are great at hiding, so his spirit rabbit would be able to lead Dog to all of the great hiding places.

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Bill Murray and This Yawning Cat:

Bill Murray is everyone's favorite "Basic Guy." Everything he does makes you laugh without trying, he is a lot like his spirit animal, so cute, that even when it yawns, you say "Awe."

Bill Murray

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