The Service Pet Industry Isn't Just for the Dogs Anymore!

The most known type of service animal is a dog. They're very smart creatures who can adapt and learn ways to help you for whatever need you may have. They're out in public and many people know by now to ignore them, which is the proper way to respond since you should never even acknowledge a service dog while they're on duty. However, sometimes you can't help but to just take a peek when it comes to these service pets.

Here are actual, cool service pets that people have had to help them out, we'll soon learn that it isn't just dogs or cats that can be acknowledged as personal helpers enjoy: 

Helper Monkeys:

Monkey holding handPablo Hidalgo

These monkeys have been trained extensively for at least seven years if not longer. Though really, their training pretty much starts when they're born, living simultaneously with humans. They're able to stay in service for around 25-30 years; they're usually given privately to people with severe mobility impairments such as quadriplegia or spinal chord injuries. The helper monkeys are trained to do mundane household chores such as microwaving food, washing the injured person off, or opening things like bottles.

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