Curious Facts About Cats You Probably Never Knew

There are many things to know about cats, and there are many things that even when owning a cat, you won't know. Cats are mysterious animals, who mainly just want to stay by you to have a nice place to sleep or to have their own personal waiter(waitress), and every once in a while to get some nice rubs of affection.

Though they may be kind of stand-offish or aloof, you know you love these cats for a reason, and that's because they still make great company.

A Cat's Hearing:

Cats can hear ultrasonic noises or sounds that are of such high frequency that it can become quickly noticed by cats, though humans can't hear it at all. If you own a cat, test out how your cat may react to the video above! Though, we do suggest turning it off if your cat does begin to act too uncomfortable.

Longest Cats:

A Maine Coon cat in winterA Maine Coon cat in winter Ismael Ijaz

There have been many contenders to claim the role of the longest cat, the primary breed of the cat is the Maine Coon.

The first cat who got to be recognized first for 'Longest Cat' in the Guinness Book of World Records was Stewie, who measured to be up to 123 cm, sadly, Stewie passed away in 2013. The current longest cat is Ludo who is measured up to 118.33 cm. However, there is an oncoming cat who is also contesting to become the next record holder, Moggie Omar who measures 120cm.


Cat running in meadowCat running in meadow Juhani Kovanen

Domestic cats can run up to speeds of 30mph. So don't feel too bad when you find yourself not able to catch up to your cat when it's their bathtime.

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