Disturbing Facts Perfect For Those Who Love the Macabre

If the old saying, "Ignorance is bliss" has any truth to it, then there is a reason we all choose to be ignorant when it comes to some things. When we find out the real truth about the things we eat or the nature around us, the world is a lot scarier and things seem to be a lot less rosy.

Here are a few of those facts that many of us don't know and it is probably for the better if you have OCD that you don't read this post, but if you are interested in the macabre, then these facts should be right up your alley. 

Be sure to share these facts around the water cooler on our worst of Monday's so others can be as happy as you, enjoy!


Monarch on a SunflowerMonarch on a Sunflower Dominic Labbe

When you see a butterfly, it isn't hard to think of beauty and peace with how they flutter around, landing on the prettiest of flowers and flapping their colorful and finely detailed wings. Your opinion on butterflies may change, however, once you realize that many butterflies will drink blood.

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