Do You Believe in These Superstitions?


There have been superstitions for the longest time, both good and bad. Superstitions have come from all over the world, from many generations, and some are still believed and have people dedicated to never wanting to risk bad luck.

Many have already gotten passed the ideas of superstitions, though they're still interesting topics to think about.

Here is a list of different superstitions that you may or may not have even heard about, maybe you'll think twice about leaving the mirrors in your home uncovered, or not acknowledging certain things that could be trying to warn you of danger. Or notifying you of good things to come! Enjoy:

Friday The 13th:

Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th is a popular superstition still to this day, where people believe the day brings terrible luck and ill intentions to everyone. Some people will completely stay inactive the entire day in fear that something bad may come to them, or won't make any big, or life-changing plans on the day.

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