Facts About The Portuguese Man O' War

The Portuguese Man O' War has boggled the minds of many when it was first spotted among beaches; what is this creature and where did it come from? Well, formerly it and many other marine creatures were typically hanging out in the oceans of the south-Atlantic, however, found themselves down closer in mid-Atlantic oceans.

They have been found washed up, or even somewhat noticed hanging out on the surface of ocean entrances. Many have been suspicious and worried about their existence and some even more confused as they do not exactly know what the creature even is.

Some have called it the 'bluebottle' and others the 'sea pillow.' In this post, the Man O' War and what it is will be explained for those who may still be out of the loop! Enjoy:

What Is It?:


Because of its pretty blue and purple, squishy appearance, you may think that the Man O' War is a jellyfish, and although it does have the ability to sting, and quite the jelly-like exterior, it is not.

When questioning what the Portuguese Man O' War is, it is better to ask: "What are they?" Because, interestingly enough, the Portuguese Man O' War is not a singular creature, but is, in fact, a ton of tiny organisms that stick and work together to make one big organism.

These organisms are called polyps; you may recognize the word from the Disney Movie 'The Little Mermaid', where the evil sea witch, Ursula, ended up turning King Triton into one.

The name for this type of animal would be Siphonophore or Siphonophora which is what animals are called when they're made up of many organisms instead of just one.

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