Get Ready For Thanksgiving With These Hilarious Inspirations!

Thanksgiving is almost here, and to get you excited about the upcoming holiday season, we have scoured the internet to find the images, gifs and even a video, that we think will get you in the Holiday Spirit. Yes, after viewing this, you will be ready for 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday,' then you will want to drag out all of your Christmas lights and start decorating early.

You will be ready to cook or deep-fry that turkey, bake that pumpkin pie, break out the good china and silver and write down all of those political points you want to make to your least favorite uncle.

So, have a look and try not to laugh too hard, these funny images remind us why we love the Holiday season, and why we are glad it only comes around once a year, enjoy!

Lightening The Mood:

Lemon BreastsCut a lemon in half and place it under turkey skin to lighten the mood this Thanksgivingfb3playhouse

See how your guests react to this Thanksgiving prank! Cut a lemon in half and place it under the skin of the turkey while it cooks, when it comes out it will look like this. You will have a Thanksgiving memory that will last forever.

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