If You're Outside, Pray You Don't Meet Up With These Poisonous Death Creatures

While traveling by land or sea, there are several dangerous creatures that you may not have known even existed. Now we're not trying to scare you, but these creatures are pretty insane, and I wouldn't wish an interaction with them on anyone. However, meeting up with one can be unavoidable, so perhaps you should consider packing your running shoes too. 

Here is a list of the most poisonous animals on Earth, whether they're on land or water, these animals are dangerous and can be life-threatening, but they're just so interesting you almost don't want to look away. 

Enjoy your travels, have fun, but most importantly stay safe! We hope this post will be informative and possibly even helpful, enjoy: 

Death Stalker Scorpion:

Death Stalker Scorpion

Unlike other scorpions, the Death Stalker Scorpion is the most deadly. Other scorpions that can sting you usually only give you effects of pain, numbness, or swelling; however, a sting from the Death Stalker Scorpion is even more painful. The Death Stalkers venom can cause extreme pain to an adult person, but healthy adults have less of a risk of death. On the other hand, however, children and the elderly, or anyone else with heart problems, can have a higher risk of dying from these stings.

Though even with this life-threatening danger, the name Death Stalker itself will probably have most staying inside their homes. The Death Stalker Scorpion lives in Northeastern Africa, such as Algeria, Niger, and Sudan. Or the Middle East, such as Turkey, Iran to Oman and Yemen.

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