It's Elephant Appreciation Day!


Today is National Elephant Appreciation Day, so here is a post talking all about these magnificent, intelligent, and emotional creatures.

elephant painting

There are so many reasons just to be amazed by elephants, from their socialization skills to their smarts, and their quick ways of being able to solve problems; they're one of the only mammals who can recognize themselves in the mirror and has the understanding to be able to use sounds to recreate melodies.

Elephant family

There are still many poachers these days who hunt these fantastic creatures for their tusks and the ivory that they get out of the tusks. You may not think about elephants every day, but today is the day to take a moment to admire and appreciate what amazing creatures elephants are.

Down below are some interesting facts about elephants and their lifestyle that will surely give you a soft spot for these lovable animals, enjoy:

The Elephant Lifestyle:

elephant group

Elephants are very social and family-oriented creatures. They can recognize up to 30 of their companions just by sight or smell.

Elephants are also very protecting of, not just their own kind, but many creatures who they make bonds with.


One of the most known things about elephants is their fantastic memory. Their memory isn't just limited to everyone in the herd or people they see on a day to day basis, but also places and lands that they've trecked on long before, and beings that they've encountered years past.

In this video, you see an old Elephant meets up with an old friend after 15 years. The elephant, Nita, remembered every trick that Charlie Franks used to have her do.

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