Magnificent Facts About Eagles

Eagles are amazing birds, they have been put on the top of the avian food chain and are known as some of the most powerful creatures, especially for their size.

They are fearless, free, predators who aren't afraid to make their presence known, while at the same time keeping a dignity that isn't set on flaunting themselves.

For America, the Eagle represents living freedom. However, many other cultures see the Eagle as a living symbol of not only freedom but power and transcendence as well. Other characteristics represented by Eagles have been pride, beauty, bravery, grace, determination, and honor. Eagles also have a big part in religions, as they have been considered to represent the voice of God.

But you don't need to understand how most humans take the magnificence of an Eagle because these facts will show you just how interesting they truly are. Enjoy: 

Species of Eagles:


There are 60 different species of Eagles, all reigning over their own individual habitats. Currently, the majority of the species are native to Europe and Africa. However, around 14 species of Eagles live in North, South, and Central America, as well as Australia.

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