Species Where Females Are At The Top

For many species in the animal kingdom, there is a trope followed where the male is always the dominant gender. With that being said, however, that isn't always the case, which can mainly be said for humans as more progress grows every day.

For much of the animal kingdom, that trope still stands, but take a look at these species who reverse the analogy and shine the female in a brighter light.



Phalaropes are colorful shorebirds with three species in the family. All three species follow a similar structure with how they act. In the species of Phalarope, females are the ones who take over the mating system. They compete against the other females over whose feathers are biggest and are more colorful or pretty. Along with competing with the other women, their size and colors of feathers also are what makes them dominant over the other male Phalaropes. The Males' feathers are much duller and slim compared to the vibrant females.

Many female Phalaropes actually end up taking control and collecting themselves a sort of reverse-harem of male partners. The males are also the ones who take care of the eggs after the female lays them, as the females completely transfer the responsibility of egg watching onto the males.

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