Strange Things Most Dogs Do

When you have a dog, there are many things you can learn from them, but some things that they do are just not as self-explanatory as we would like them to be.

Sometimes dogs will naturally do things that are not easy to explain as to why, luckily, with much research, we have finally begun to understand our lifelong best friends much better.

Whether they are constantly staring for no reason or sniffing areas that you would much rather prefer them not to, dogs typically have a reason for whatever it is they are doing. Whether it is for their own personal research, or just for their own amusement; here is a list of some of the most bizarre, and mysterious things dogs do. Enjoy:

Eat Grass:


You may end up thinking that perhaps this is just their compensation for not being able to have a salad as a side-dish during dinner; then you realize a few minutes, to an hour, later they are throwing the grass that they had just eaten right back up.

This mystery as to why dogs will go out of there way to eat grass even while knowing that it is just going to come right back up again confuses many. Researchers have claimed that it can be a natural reaction to dogs, however. Some may eat grass to naturally aid any digestion problems they may have or even for a case of intestinal worms. But, there is also the chance that this is a sign that they are missing out on a nutrient that they need or the need for fiber.

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