Take A Look At These Animals That Are Endangered From Poaching, You Can Help!

The Ivory-Trade, Pet-Trade, and just ways to get a meal that can be considered a delicacy are various reasons as to why poachers do what they do; so typically, it's to get a grand amount of money, without the care of the life they're harshly taking.

You may know about poaching but not think much of it as there are animal-rights activists all over who are trying to do something about it, and although this is true, there are still so many species who are on the verge of getting wiped out because of selfish acts.

Even if you're unable to do much about poaching for any reason, it's still a good thing to keep engaged if you care about any of these animals, and help spread the word about the danger that is happening to them.

Here is a list of endangered animals that we all should attempt to help out at least a little, I have also included a few foundation sites that are active in doing so, please enjoy and try to get the word out about these animals that not everyone may even know about if you're interested:



Because of their ivory tusks, elephants are poached every day, even with a ban on the trade currently being in effect. Poachers will collect their ivory tusks to sell to jewelers. The ivory is carved into ornaments or different kinds of jewelry.

African and Asian elephants are both affected by poachers, and it has been estimated that there are at least 104 elephant deaths per day.

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