Dogs Prove They are Just as Awesome as Cats in These PSBattles

A few posts ago, we covered the cats of Reddit in a PSBattle to show you all how cute they were. Well, dog lovers were feeling left out and complaining because there are just as many awesome dogs on Reddit that are featured in PSBattles as there are cats, and many of them are cuter than those four-legged creatures that cough up their fur and leave it in places for you to find.

So, out of fairness to everyone, here is our PSBattle dedicated to Man's Best Friend, and we think you will agree that they are every bit as sweet as those annoying kitties that were so undeniably adorable, enjoy!

Walking Your Dog:

Walking your DogWalking your Dogdonnowol/ wertrew1

When you go from walking your dog to having your dog walk with you. (Kinda looks like Spongebob)

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