The Most Interesting Yet Crazy Animal Mating Customs

Nature can be one scary place, and it can be even scarier when you realize just how much some species go through just to reproduce with one another.

Many species may lose their lives just to attempt to pass their genes on into the next generation; some may mate just to get it over with and leave never to be seen again, while others will keep themselves close to their partners for the rest of their lives.

Each species have such unique and interesting way when it comes to mating, and here we will be talking about some very interesting ones. Please enjoy:



When Hangingflies are ready to meet, the male must complete an important task beforehand. When he is prepared to lay his egg, he must first find a big enough insect to keep his partner busy with eating while he mates with her.

If the female runs out of food while their mating is still taking place, the female will kick him off and tell him to hit the road, no matter if he was finished lying his eggs or not. However, if the female Hangingfly is still eating her meal and the male finishes successfully, then the male will leave, searching for another female to arrange yet another repeat of the process.

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