These Not So Photogenic Animals Will Melt Your Heart


Unlike humans, animals will not take 76 photos and apply filters and use Photoshop on their images until they find the perfect photo to share on one of their many social media accounts. No, animals just want to be accepted "as-is" even if that means the occasional awkward photo that doesn't capture them in their best light. 

Luckily, humans have seen the beauty and all around cuteness in the "not-so" perfect pet shot, and we benefit from all of the bad timing, or as we see them, perfectly timed photos that make us chuckle and brighten our otherwise bland days.

So here's to all of the animals who sacrificed their perfect photogenic image to share their not so photogenic moments and brighten our days, enjoy!

Doggie Selfie:

Dog SelfieDog Selfie

When you're going for that slightly sexy, slightly innocent, and totally adorable confused look.

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