Things to Make You Smile if You're Feeling Blue


With all of the awful things that have been happening, it is hard not to get bogged down with how rough the world can often be. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and remember that there is still goodness in the world, there are still heroes, and there are still things that can make you smile no matter how grim the world can look from time to time.

We have put together a few stories and funny thing to assure you that not all hope is lost, in fact, we all have a great deal to look forward to, we just have to find it, enjoy!

Imagine going your whole life and not being able to see color and then one day you are given the opportunity to see the spectacular autumn colors of the Tennessee Mountains.

There are 13 million Americans who suffer from color blindness, and for those people, they don't quite understand the joy that others get from seeing the fall foliage each year or why tourists trek across the country to see peak time viewing.

For these people, the change in color just looks bland, and everything goes from green to various shades of brown. That is why the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development installed several special viewing devices for colorblind visitors across the park.

In the video that the organization published, you realize how we often take for granted simple things that most of us can do with ease, while others need a tool or may never have an opportunity to experience.

One man said of his experience, “It’s how I imagine the difference is between here and heaven,” said one of the visitors. “I feel like now I know why people come from miles and states around just to see this.”

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